Glacial Force by Sofia Aves (ePUB)

glacial force, sofia aves

Glacial Force (Rippton Allstars #2) by Sofia Aves – Free eBooks Download


The only sort of ice I care about is the sort under my skates…until I meet the girl who turns my world in neat spirals and leaves me begging for more.
I’m unmovable. That’s the job description, right? As goalie for Rippton U’s ice hockey team, the Rippton Hails, I have to stop everything that comes at me.
Including the stunning girl on a pair of figure skates that wipes my world away.
Our paths should never have crossed. We aren’t a part of each other’s world. And when we do slam into each other, the force is more than either of us can stand. But I can’t get Rippton U’s Ice Queen out of my head.
I don’t want to clean her scent off my skin.
Because she’s everything I want, even if I hate the way she looks at me or the way her mouth feels beneath mine.
Even if she hates me, too.
Just like any other unstoppable force, she won’t get past me. No chance.
Even if she’s etched her name on my soul.

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