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Gigi’s Bear by Rosa Mink – Free eBooks Download


For the last seven years, the only thing Gigi’s done is run. Run for her life from a maniac that killed her family. Every time she runs, he finds her, sending her up into the mountains to attempt to get away once again. Only this time is different. As she tries to make her getaway, her car crashes, and rather than fight, Gigi’s ready to give up.
Shawn wanted peace and quiet, a few days away from the responsibilities of being itan. Finding a car careening all over the mountain road below stops the peaceful evening he intended, sending him out to stop the reckless driver. Even before the car crashes, his bear is riled, leading him to find the one person he’s longed to find for over a hundred years—his mate. He won’t let her die, won’t let her hurt, not ever again.
When Gigi wakes, finding herself in the arms of a huge, warm, gentle man, she wants to stay. But how can she when there’s a monster chasing her? Shawn’s assurance that she’s safe, that he’ll keep her safe can’t erase all of her fears, no matter how much she wants to be with him.
What happens when danger crashes through their window? Will her gentle growly giant really be able to save her? Shawn knows the answer is yes, because what she doesn’t know, is that he’s hers, and Gigi’s Bear will always protect her.

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