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Ghosted (Marine Raiders Alpha #4) by Allyson Charles – Free eBooks Download


A special forces operator who knows what he wants. A woman who will blow all his expectations apart.

Marine Raider Tony Garcia holds himself to the highest standards. He expects no less from the women he dates. Polished, sophisticated, organized. He has a type and he’s happy to stick to it. But fate has a wicked sense of humor when it sends Bridget Sullivan veering into his path.
Bridget is the epitome of unconventional. She’s a nerdy, foul-mouthed force of nature, and after her last experience in dating became a police investigation, she’s sworn off men. Especially ones who have the nerve to toss her over his shoulder to keep her from trouble. One who wouldn’t know fun if it came up and bit him on the butt. If Tony would stop being so dang sweet, if he didn’t fill out his shirt quite so well, then maybe she wouldn’t have such a hard time keeping her hands to herself.
But when strange events start to swirl around Bridget, Tony will do everything in his power to keep the infuriating woman safe. Mysterious fires. Unexplained noises. Eerie lights in the night. It’s as though an unseen force is determined to tear her world apart.
And that’s only the beginning of their trouble. Because something even more dangerous lurks in the shadows, and it’s set its sights on Bridget…

Meet the men of Alpha Squad. Protective, strong-willed, and tough, they go hard after what they want. And when they set their sights on a woman, they’ll use every weapon in their arsenal to make her theirs. Each book in this series is a fast, steamy read, full of pulse-pounding action and sexy times.

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