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get serious, mimi barbour

Get Serious (Single Title #12) by Mimi Barbour – Free eBooks Download


George is so shy that his stomach ties itself in knots when a stranger approaches. And when Laura, a pretty girl being followed by a stalker, begs him to let her sit at his table in a restaurant, he almost refuses her pleas. But then he sees the menacing male face in the window and agrees to having her company.
Next follows the strangest night of his life. Not only does he lose his virginity, but he becomes entangled in a suspenseful situation that upsets his quiet and comfortable existence.
George’s mother can’t bear to be alone and has kept her son tied to her because of her crippling fears. When he doesn’t come home, she seeks comfort from a neighbor who works periodically for the NYPD. And who she slept with the night before.

Enjoy this heartwarming and slightly spicy story about how four lonely people can suddenly discover a new lease on life.

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