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Geek Ink Box Set by R. Cayden – Free eBooks Download


All four bestselling Geek Ink books together in one box set—the complete M/M romance series featuring geeks and bad boys!

Geek Tattoo
Stone is straight. That’s the first reason the brooding tattoo artist can’t be the one for geeky animator Matty. But when the two men enter into a fake relationship, cuddling up close starts to feel far, far too real.

Crave Me
Dedicated botanist Milo is a babbling sweetheart. Tattoos are not his style, but when his friends convince him to get some ink, he ends up in the chair of Joey, a silent, troubled artist. In the quiet drone of the shop, desire bubbles beneath the surface until a fateful blizzard blows through town, and their surprising connection ignites into something neither man expected.

Just a Kiss
Alexander has always been secretly in love with his best friend and roommate Rafael, who remains blissfully oblivious. When Rafael starts an apprenticeship at the tattoo shop, his confidence grows, and Alexander’s pining spikes. Rafael doesn’t do relationships, and Alexander doesn’t do casual. But that’s no reason to turn down the friends-with-benefits arrangement that Rafael proposes, right?

Gruff Touch
Drew comes to town seeking to learn more about the father he’s never met, and grumpy tattoo artist Caesar is his only lead. Caesar pushes the bright young man away. He doesn’t want to revisit his past, and especially not with a stranger half his age. But something deep inside Drew insists that Caesar should be his, if only he can get the old grump to see it, too.

Four linked, full-length novels with low angst, high steam, and opposites-attract fun! Enjoy!

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