Gary the Once and Former King by Isabel Murray (ePUB)

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Gary the Once and Former King (The Unwanted King #2) by Isabel Murray – Free eBooks Download


The Kingdom of Estla is in turmoil. Power plays, intrigue, and plots seethe in the corridors of power. And Gary of a Hundred Days, Last of the Tyrant Kings is…well.
He’s dead.
That’s what (almost) everyone thinks, anyway.
As far as Gary’s concerned, they can go ahead and keep thinking it. He’s busy living a whole new life with his beloved Magnus on a homestead in the heartland of Caithen—a kingdom where they don’t want to kill him—and he’s learning all sorts of interesting things about exactly what it means to be a husband and a bondmate.
Okay, he’s trying to learn. It’s turning out to be a lot harder than he thought.
Callin, the ex-stable lad and Gary’s new (first!) best friend, has been less than helpful when it comes to giving Gary the correct advice on how to proceed in intimate matters.
The books Gary ordered for instructional purposes are taking forever to arrive.
And just as he’s starting to make progress in the bedchamber, Gary’s past as the rightful King of Estla rises up once more…

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