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garrett, mary kennedy

Garrett (REAPER-Patriots #32) by Mary Kennedy – Free eBooks Download


Garrett Robicheaux understands how love works. Especially love for an RP man. He’s watched it with his cousins, his friends, everyone at Belle Fleur. He just never expected it to hit him quite so hard and quite so quickly. Especially with a woman he’s known for most of his life. Just when things feel like they’re working out for him, his SEAL team is captured by one of the most wanted men in the world. Knowing he can only pray that his training pays off, and his family gets the message, he waits, but never expects his rescuing angel to be his one true love.
Celeste Pechkin has her degree in hand and is thrilled to be working for G.R.I.P. Their newest weapons engineer, she’s making waves in a pool dominated by men. The new technologies they’re churning out are turning the security world upside down and she’s a part of it. Stealth technologies have been their specialty for some time now, but Celeste is about to take it to the next level. If she doesn’t, the only man she’s ever loved may die.

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