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Future Like This (Friends Like This #8) by Bethany Monaco Smith – Free eBooks Download


I’m a mess.
I kept it together alone for years, pulling every thread tight to keep from unraveling. Now here I am, a mess of tangled strings on the floor, trying to sort myself out and put myself back together.
Not just for me. For my baby and for the man I love. For the relationship I have with him.
I’ve spent too long being the strong one. Being vulnerable doesn’t come easily to me. But as I stare into the deep green eyes of the man whose heart I’m breaking every time I don’t let him in, I know I have to let my walls down.
I need to let him in and let my hurt out so I can heal and grow stronger. So I can be the best version of myself, mom to our daughter, and partner to Miles.
No matter how broken I am, I’ll do whatever it takes to fix things, so I can finally have the future I’ve always dreamed of—the future I finally believe I deserve—with the love of my life and our daughter.

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