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from fire, lacey monroe

From Fire (The Lady Of The Lake #1) by Lacey Moreno – Free eBooks Download


I was only a fisherman’s daughter. Until I wasn’t.

The day my parents died was the day my powers awakened, and I was told I was the most powerful being in all the kingdoms. And Yves, my father’s sexy friend, took me under his wing–literally–because it turns out Yves isn’t just a silver fox, he’s a dragon shifter.
Although I didn’t know it, my mother was preparing to train me before her murder but now nothing can prepare me for the prophecy Yves says I need to fulfil. Because here, the only mages allowed are the ones who work for kings. If anyone else is found performing magick, they’re burned alive to prevent the return of The Lady of the Lake from deciding who will be the next true king. And apparently, that’s me. I am to be the next Lady of the Lake. So now I’m on the run and I need to find five men who are fated to help me.
But what do I want? I want to avenge my parents’ death, not rule and unite all the kingdoms. I’m just a girl, right? I’ve never even travelled further than the next village, let alone been with five men and command powerful magick. I’m just a fisherman’s daughter… right?

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