Freed By The Highlander by Tessa Murran (ePUB)

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Freed By The Highlander (The Seductive Scots #3) by Tessa Murran – Free eBooks Download


He promises freedom, but will he put her heart in chains?

Bryce Cullan must marry or lose his inheritance. He may have charm to spare, but what respectable lass would want a young Scot with a reputation for carousing, drinking, whoring and gambling? Then one day, Bryce stumbles across Maren McEwen, who is anything but respectable. In fact, she may be worse than him, for Bryce finds her in jail awaiting a terrible fate.
She may not be bride material, but they agree on a scandalous bargain. He will come to her aid if she agrees to a pretend marriage. Soon, Bryce is rueing the day he proposed marriage, for he has a wildcat by the tail, and she does not intend to be held for long.
Maren McEwen’s headlong flight from a ruinous past has ended up in a jail cell, facing punishment for her wicked deeds. When dashing Bryce Cullan offers to free her, she agrees to a ruse. She intends to use the spoiled laird’s son as he uses her, but soon, Maren begins to succumb to his sea-blue eyes and manly charms. A new life opens up, filled with security, comfort and exquisite pleasure. But before she can seize it, a gruesome discovery and a ghost from her past shatter her calm and threaten murderous retribution if she does not do as she is told – spy on Bryce Cullan.

Can Maren emerge unscathed from the wreckage of the past, or will her new-found passion crumble under the weight of lies and betrayal?

The biter gets bitten in his scandalous romp of deceit, destruction and dastardly deeds. Lose yourself in Jacobite Scotland, seething under a forced union with England and enter a world of arrogant lairds, spies, lawless redcoats, amorous sailors and manipulative ladies.

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