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Freddy and Archie (Fated Fantasies #1) by Holly Oliver – Free eBooks Download


The Fated Fantasies Dating Service aims to make dreams a reality.

Freddy is an adorable hedgehog shifter who finds himself having one of the worst days of his life, but do the Fates have a different plan in store for him?
Archie is an obnoxious harpy, a driven businessman who thanks to losing a bet finds himself heading off towards his worst nightmare – a date!
There is magic in the air and budding friendships, and there has to be a bad guy to keep us on our toes.
This promises to be a sweet read, so fall in love with the Array today.
Freddy and Archie’s story is an MM Paranormal Romance. It is book one in what the author plans to be a series of six books plus a prologue (sort of).

This is an M/M Paranormal story intended for adult audiences. It contains intimate scenes between two consenting adults, and you may find a spot of bad language. Please store your eBooks responsibly.

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