Fractured Faith by BC Morgan (ePUB)

fractured faith, bc morgan

Fractured Faith (The Harkwright Trilogy #2.5) by B C Morgan – Free eBooks Download


A long time ago I gave my heart to a boy, but he never knew. Instead of facing my fear and risking embarrassment, I chose someone else. But he was always there; in my dreams, in my nightmares – haunting my every move.
When I moved away I thought it would all be over, but it wasn’t, and I fell right back into Bradley’s arms. When he rejected me everything came crashing down, and I found myself in a danger I never even considered.
Maddox, my hero, whisks me away to Switzerland to give me time. Time to heal and figure out what I need.
I never imagined the boy from so many years ago would appear, or that I would find myself wishing he would wreck me in all the rights ways.
I know I should swear off from all things Harkwright! But how do you make your heart listen to sense when it’s faced with the one thing it has always wanted?

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