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foster, theresa beachman

Foster (Earth Resistance #6) by Theresa Beachman – Free eBooks Download


Impulsive. Dangerous. Protector.
Born with the safety off.

Ex-bomb squad, Lincoln Foster lost his young daughter to the Chittrix at the beginning of the invasion. He pledged to use his remaining time alive, eliminating the hated aliens, preferably in as many imaginative ways as possible. There’s no space in his life for love, or the fierce woman he can’t get out of his mind since he sighted her down the barrel of a gun.
Diplomatic bodyguard, Neve Bishop lives alone on the streets of Cardiff. After escaping a disturbed group with a dark connection to the Chittrix, she’s convinced humanity’s lost its moral compass. And she’s deeply suspicious when her world collides with Foster’s. Her first impression is he’s no different from all the other men in this brutal future.
But as a cataclysmic chain of events forces them together in more ways than one, she sees beyond the ink and scars—to the protector who will do whatever is required to protect those he loves.
And, as their attraction tips into incendiary, so does the battle with a new generation of Chittrix on the verge of hatching.
The clock is ticking, and Foster and Neve’s new found trust in each other will be tested to the limits as a subversive force attempts to thwart their plan to annihilate the alien invaders…

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