Fortune Fae Academy #4 by J.R. Thorn (ePUB)

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Fortune Fae Academy #4 by J.R. Thorn – Free eBooks Download


“Touch her and die.”
That’s the last thing Rowan said in my defense before I left.
Before I gave myself to my Alphas.
There’s a reason an Omega is only supposed to have one Alpha in her mate-circle. Taking two changed me in unexpected ways.
I can’t stop thinking about them.
I can’t stop desiring them.
To the expense of everything and everyone else, including my beloved Betas.
Now I worry that my Betas won’t want me.
I fear that I’ve ruined everything.
The future.
My destiny.
My heart.
Because my Betas are missing. They were my reason for being and now they’re gone.
Have they run away? Have they abandoned me to my fate?
Do they hate me for the same reason I hate myself?
Surely they must know that I don’t even think about them sometimes. I lose myself between my Alphas for days.
And I can’t forgive myself.
Come back to me, Rowan.
Come back to me, Zeke.
Before it’s too late.

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