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forgotten prince, abby knox

Forgotten Prince (Reckless Royals #4) by Abby Knox – Free eBooks Download


Lately, city life is nothing but talk of royal weddings and royal romances.
It’s getting the better of me. The constant chatter is a reminder of who I am and what I did. I don’t want that kind of attention. When one phone call changes my life, it comes at just the right time. I’m reminded of my childhood best friend Jo and the silly marriage pact we made, which is starting to sound less and less silly the more I think about it. A quiet life in a small village with my best friend — far away from all the royal chatter — is exactly what I need.

Ever since Jakob and I lost touch almost 15 years ago, I’ve never felt like anyone else could compare.
Our innocent marriage pact, and Jakob’s dear friendship, has stuck with me. That boy is also the source of my biggest sadness, as he never wrote me back. All of that changes in one fateful moment. Suddenly, Jakob is back in my life. My quiet village existence will never be the same. It almost seems too good to be true, but I’ll enjoy every second while it lasts.

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