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forgotten, karen kelley

Forgotten: Jade (Sisters Bound By Blood #2) by Karen Kelley – Free eBooks Download


There are no such things as monsters. Evil doesn’t exist. And fathers don’t sell their children.
Except in Jade’s world there are monsters, evil does exist, and her father sold her when she was fourteen. Years slipped away. Then she was running, there was the sound of a gun. A bullet grazing her head. Stumbling, but not stopping.
A voice inside her screaming over and over not to slow down.
Now, five years later, she’s looking for answers. She remembers her first name, being shot, and running, but nothing more. Unsettling dreams invade her sleep, and have started tormenting her when she’s awake. Sometimes she feels as if she’s losing her mind.
Why was she running that night? She has to find the answer.

He thought he’d heard everything as a private detective, but he wasn’t prepared for Rena’s story and he’d never seen eyes that looked so haunted. What the hell was he thinking to even consider her case? She couldn’t even pay his usual fee.
But there’s something so lost, so helpless about her. He’d seen that same look when he was fighting overseas.
Except the more he digs, the more he uncovers. He wonders if he’s putting her in more danger, and risking both their lives.
At some point, you just know it’s too late to turn back.

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