Forging Her Destiny by Ann Marie Scott (ePUB)

forging her destiny, ann marie scott

Forging Her Destiny (Tangled In Tartan #2) by Ann Marie Scott – Free eBooks Download


In a world of secrets, their destiny is forged in fire.

Ian MacKendrick is a man who makes his own destiny. In the midst of Highland oppression and under the cover of his successful blacksmith business, he runs an illegal distillery, keeping his clansmen happy and his coffers full. His only confidant? Rory, the earnest apprentice whose loyalty is as steadfast as his curiosity. But is it really ambition that keeps Ian going?
Ian’s carefully balanced world tilts when Lucy Glennrock, a runaway thief, stumbles upon his illegal operation. Ian strikes a deal with the lass, one that binds their fates; they stand together or fall together. Yet, many questions about Lucy’s past and identity rise to the surface.
Drawn to Ian’s brooding intensity, Lucy finds in him a challenge she can’t resist. Their bond deepens with every passing day, but the sparks of love are tainted by the shadows of intrigue and betrayal. They have to navigate this tangled web of deceit with caution, or they might both be lost in an abyss with no return.

“Forging Her Destiny” is a steamy story by best-selling author Ann Marie Scott, packed with passion, romance, and mystery, set on the beautiful backdrop of the Scottish Highlands.

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