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Forged Gold: A Retelling of Rumpelstiltskin (The Ruby Realm #5) by Abigail Manning – Free eBooks Download


A blacksmith, a sailor, and an impossible sword that could destroy everything…
A Retelling of Rumpelstiltskin.

Emberly Miller may very well be the most talented swordsmith in the realm, but no one would ever know with her father getting all the credit. Ever since the loss of her mother, the once great swordsmith, Roy Miller, let his skills and business waste away until Emberly took matters into her own hands. With no one willing to buy a sword from a young woman, Emberly tricks her father into believing the work is his own, using his famous name to sell her blades.
Meanwhile, the charming sailor, Corso, has found himself on the golden king’s ship of leviathans. After trading his service to save his crews’ lives, he has no interest in following the golden king’s rules, but while he’s trapped on board, he might as well learn what he can. Whispers say the king is after a new weapon, one that he wants a very specific swordsmith for…
When the leviathans approach Roy’s forge, determined to drag him aboard their ship, Roy panics and claims he was never the truemaster, sending Emberly into their clutches… Dragged aboard the leviathan’s ship, Emberly is given an impossible task by the golden king himself: craft a sword of pure gold that can withstand battle.
With only a floating forge and a smarmy sailor keeping watch over her, can such a task even be completed? Or will she manage to forge the last tool required for the destruction of the realm?

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