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forever sunshine, jennifer j williams

Forever Sunshine (Forever #1) by Jennifer J Williams – Free eBooks Download


Losing her job on the last day of the school year should be the worst of the news Emily Benson uncovers, right? But then she walks in on her boyfriend…and her sister…in bed. And it’s been going on for awhile. Using this eye opening experience as the kick in the pants she needs to get out of Oklahoma, she drunkenly sends out resumes everywhere, and excitedly accepts a position in Colorado. She never expected to go to the wrong house upon arrival, and find the most attractive man she’s ever seen on the other side of the door.
Nathan Riggs isn’t looking for a woman. His focus is on his son, his family, and his work. His immediate attraction to Emily just pisses him off. He doesn’t have time for women, drama, and chaos. When Emily becomes his son Jack’s teacher, and the only person who’s been able to reach Jack after the trauma of his mom’s death, Nathan realizes Emily may be the answer to a prayer he didn’t know he had been asking.
But Emily’s past comes back to haunt her, and Nathan is forced to put his heart on his sleeve. He’s not about to lose the woman of his dreams when he just found her. And Emily just wants to make sure Nathan and Jack don’t get hurt when her past catches her.

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