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forest bound, ja hoyt

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In a land shrouded by eternal winter, a chilling curse holds its people in a frozen embrace. Every year they must send their daughters into the shadow of the mountain, bound for a hunt that will end with one chosen as a sacrifice to the elusive Lord of the Forest. She is doomed to never be seen again, for it is her duty to survive, break the curse, and free them all from winter’s grasp.

But none ever do.

Driven by love, Elora, Shield of the Vale and Maiden of the Sword, dons the sacrifice’s juniper crown and steps foot into the forest to save her sister from this very fate. But what awaits her beneath the towering pines is unlike anything she could have expected. For the Lord of the Forest is as cursed as the daughters of Valettia, and time is running out for them all.

As the curse tightens its icy grip, the desire between Elora and the Lord of the Forest blossoms into a heat that threatens the chill of winter itself. But is it enough to challenge the will of the gods? Or will their bodies join the ones that already lie beneath the snow?

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