Forced to Marry the Bratva by Isla Brooks (ePUB)

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Forced to Marry the Bratva (Zolotov Bratva #5) by Isla Brooks – Free eBooks Download


They call him The Killer. And I’m forced to be his sweet Bratva bride…
Daddy said I am to marry into the Bratva, and as a dutiful daughter, I have no choice.
But when I meet my much older husband at the altar, his cold eyes freeze my soul.
My virgin body is no longer my own. It’s his to possess and take at will.
I always imagined a grand wedding with a man I loved.
Instead, I’m about to lose my innocence at his rough and aggressive hands.
To him, this is just a calculated business deal with pleasurable benefits.
To him, I’m just a trophy wife he can do with as he pleases.
He drags me to random private corners and soothes my restless curves.
He tells me I’m a good girl and rewards me with his bloodied hands.
I know how dirty fighters play their games, and that I have nothing to defend myself.
But when hearts are broken and family loyalties at stake, will he take my side?
Or will he betray me?

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