Forced Bratva Bride by Deva Blake (ePUB)

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Forced Bratva Bride (Dubrov Bratva #4) by Deva Blake – Free eBooks Download


I’m forced to marry an over-the-top possessive Bratva guy.
I just graduated from college with big dreams about my future.
Until Daddy tells me that I’ll marry a much older member of the Bratva instead.
And soon I discover what it’s like to be utterly controlled by a Russian…
Our wedding is cold and tense, mirroring my feelings of betrayal.
But afterwards, he will remove my wedding dress.
He will make it clear to me that all of me belongs to him now.
He will tell me not to disobey, else I will see how powerful he truly is.
I try to gain some semblance of control, but I know that I’m helpless.
He manipulates my body until it breaks under his cruel care.
He manipulates my heart until it wants his baby.
But when I’m lost and weak, craving for him to save me…will he come?
Or will he betray me again?

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