Forbidden Pregnant Mate by Ruby Knoxx (ePUB)

forbidden mate, ruby knoxx

Forbidden Pregnant Mate (Silver Wolves Black Ops #4) by Ruby Knoxx – Free eBooks Download


We used to be inseparable. Now he’s my worst enemy.

We grew up together and were best friends. Until he left for the black ops and shut me out.
Now we meet again and bicker like we used to. But this time, a fire is burning underneath.
And even though anything between us is strictly forbidden…I can’t hide my pregnant belly much longer.
I haven’t seen him in years, and he’s no longer the boy I used to know.
He’s become so absurdly hot that it makes me mad.
He’s making me feel all sorts of things that I desperately try to hide.
But the worst is the reaction of my body, wanting him so badly that it hurts.
He enjoys pissing me off and tries to get under my skin.
He scolds me and protects me, acting like he’s my personal bodyguard.
My family has forbidden us being together, but he touches my begging curves anyway.
Will he leave again when he finds out I’m carrying his baby?
Or will he claim us both?

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