Forbidden Friend by Ashley Sands (ePUB)

forbidden friend, ashley sands

Forbidden Friend (Forbidden Romance #2) by Ashley Sands – Free eBooks Download


In the midst of nature’s fury, among the howling winds and relentless rain of a tempestuous hurricane, a love neither anticipated nor sought blooms in the most improbable of circumstances.

Bailey, a headstrong and independent woman, finds herself trapped with the one person she least expected, her father’s best friend, the charismatic and enigmatic Ryan. As the storm rages outside, a different kind of turmoil brews within them. Bound by the shared urgency of survival, they discover a connection that defies age and convention.
But just as they tentatively explore the possibility of a future together, a distant rumble signals a new arrival, Bailey’s father. The reunion is fraught with tension and emotions. As truth and unveiled and heartfelt consequences are shared, everyone must grapple with the aftermath of their choices. Ryan, haunted by his feelings for Bailey and the potential consequences, must confront his own fears and vulnerabilities. Bailey must find a way to stand up for the man she loves, even if it means ruining her relationship with her father.

Will their love be a casualty of the storm, lost amid the chaos and turmoil? Or will it emerge as a beacon of hope, defying all the odds?

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