Forbidden Fae by J.S. Striker (ePUB)

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Forbidden Fae by J.S. Striker – Free eBooks Download


I hold the key to a secret that could destroy the Fae kingdom …

And when a witch tricks me into divulging it, my life—and the lives of everyone in our kingdom—is at risk.
Prince Armand, ordered to be my keeper, smuggles me out, and we end up taking shelter with a sinister vampire clan in exchange for our safety, and a few other things…
Armand’s the worst kind of flirt, well-known as the royal playboy. I’ve known him forever, we’ve always bantered and messed around. Since he’s the younger brother of the prince I always thought I would end up with, I know better than to think he means anything by it.
But right now he’s the only person I know I can trust in a wider world of danger and intrigue, in hiding amongst vampires who’ll only keep us safe as long as they find us entertaining, somehow our banter and joking flirtation turns into a deeper connection.
A connection that leads us into each other’s arms …
But will we ever be safe enough for that connection to become more? Or will my destiny force us apart forever?

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