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for letter or worse, andie fenichel

For Letter or Worse (Magnolia Point) by Andie Fenichel – Free eBooks Download


Maybe it’s weird that on the evening after my mom’s funeral, I’m in front of my computer typing an email to my pen pal. Okay, so I’m a grown woman with a pen pal. We got assigned to each other when we were in the third grade while he lived overseas. My class had an arrangement with the Italian school he attended. All of my friends wrote one or two letters, but Aiden and I never stopped. Eventually, the handwritten notes became emails and text messages. Even though we’ve never met in person, we’re connected in a way no one else seems to understand. I need that now, more than ever.

I’ve spent my entire adult life comparing every woman I date to one I’ve never met in person. Joy is kind, smart, funny, and full of life. When she emailed to tell me her mother passed away, I regret that she waited until after the funeral to share that information. We’ve been writing long enough for me to know how devastated she is. Able to take my work anywhere, I pack up and drive from New Jersey to South Carolina. Seeing her for the first time, as she stocks shelves at her bookstore, I can hardly breathe. Coming here may be the biggest mistake of my life—or the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

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