Fool Me Twice by A. M. Rose (ePUB)

fool me twice, am rose

Fool Me Twice (Cursebreakers, Inc. #2) by A. M. Rose – Free eBooks Download


“Be a calm wave in the ocean of chaos.”
Hart, perhaps, took that quote a bit too much to heart. In the midst of drama and the constant restlessness of his family, he chose to present himself as unwavering. Poised. Controlled. Even when inside, he’s anything but. There are layers to him underneath the perfection. Layers he’s desperately craving for someone to peel away.
It’s just his luck that the only person who knows how to do that lives his life in shades of gray. Morally gray.
Cane punches first. Period. What question would he even need to ask?
Only, it seems like his tried-and-true method isn’t working so well for him anymore. With an empire to run in the underbelly of Slatehollow, the last thing he needs is a curse placed on his head and drawing attention to the details of his…business ventures.
But when it starts to do more than just that, he knows there is only one person he can call. Hart. And with Hart, inevitably, comes a realization. Cane wants so much more than cursebreaking from him.
Will Hart let him have it? Or will the curse destroy them both first?

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