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Flowers and Moonlight (Mardi Gras Menage) by Ember Davis – Free eBooks Download


One night to dance in the moonlight. I’m taking one night and forgetting everything that brings me down. I won’t worry about the way my family ignores me unless they want to use me. I won’t think about the uncertain future ahead of me and the marriage my father is trying to arrange for his own purposes.
I almost don’t make it to the ball because of my sister’s selfishness, which is nothing new. It seems I have at least one person on my side because I get to revel in the sparkle of the Guidice Ball. Then I meet them—two men who have danger written all over them who give me a night I can never forget.
If only I didn’t have to go back to the life waiting for me where obligations I don’t want weigh me down. Long after the clock strikes midnight, I can still feel their hands on me. But one night is all I’ll ever have. The thought of them finding me is just a fairy tale woven in moonlight.

I was born to stand next to Dante Guidice; it’s the only path I’ve ever known, and he’s earned my loyalty. I had no idea that being who I am would lead me to a night that changes my life. Sharing a woman with Zeno isn’t something I expected, but it is right. Then the next morning, she’s gone.
The thing our Moonlight needs to realize is that nothing is going to stop us from finding her and making her ours.

Being trusted by the Guidice family isn’t what I expected out of life, but the family saved me and gave me a home. I never expected to find a woman who set my heart aflame, nor did I think I’d share her with Tony. When she disappears, I’m grateful for the skills I’ve gained. Finding Posy ends up being the easy part, it’s keeping her that tests our skills.
Our Posy is going to learn an important lesson—we’ll do anything to protect her and never let her go because her moonlight is what leads us

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