Flightless by S.R. Zobel (ePUB)

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Flightless (The MacArthurs #1) by S.R. Zobel – Free eBooks Download


All Birdie has ever wanted is peace. After spending her entire life enduring, all she dreams of is finding the space to breathe. She’s faced trauma, loss, poverty, abuse—she’s ready for tranquility.

After taking the first scholarship she gets, she packs up and moves across the country for college where she meets her best friend. The two move in together after graduation, choosing a home that’s still far far from the past she left behind. Now she’s got a job, a home and is living a sober life. Still, she’s forced to listen to friends and colleagues question her about her plans and her goals. She doesn’t know how to tell them that she doesn’t have any outside of finding quiet.

Enter Milo MacArthur. He’s everything Birdie knows she shouldn’t want. A broody bartender, sexy as sin, and too domineering for his own good. Unable to resist the aching attraction, Birdie finds herself giving into the carnal desires that draw her to him. The more time that she spends in his company though, the more evident it is that beneath the rough tattooed exterior, Milo is so much more than just a bartender. It isn’t long before her heart begins to surrender to his pull but there is still so much that he is keeping from her. And when she finds out what secrets lie beneath the surface, will she ever be able to forgive him?

Milo’s life has been far from easy. Orphaned with his two siblings, he was forced into the mercy of his uncle and the ‘family business’. Desperate to save up enough money to get the hell out of dodge without raising any eyebrows, Milo follows orders like a good little lap dog. He’s got it all planned out, prepared to make his escape as soon as he’s got enough money set aside. Until a hot little brunette walks into his bar, all luscious curves and smoldering eyes. Birdie might be just the wrong distraction to send all of his plans off the rails.

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