Flight Plan by Jennifer W. Smith (ePUB)

flight plan, jennifer w smith

Flight Plan (Landing in Love #5) by Jennifer W. Smith – Free eBooks Download


Wesley Scott’s impact in the video game market rockets his career. But everything is about to change if he can’t come up with the next phase of Dragon Rock. No number of mindful meditations can get him unstuck. Time is running out. During a weekend wedding extravaganza at his mentor’s mansion in Oldport, Rhode Island, Wesley meets Ava who not only inspires but challenges him in the most thrilling ways. This gorgeous ex-military helicopter pilot turns out to be the muse he needs. Now all he must do is spend enough time with her to write her sparkplug persona into the game. But Ava flies out of his reach.
Ava Baxter is fearless and determined to make huge changes in her life. But retiring from the army and looking for work in the private sector plummets her altitude. She returns to civilian life and her ten-year-old son, realizing this is a vastly different world to navigate. When offered a summer position flying for a big-shot gaming guru, she’s torn. Working for someone she has a smoldering desire for could thwart her plans. Diverting from her flight plan is exactly what she’s trying to avoid.

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