Five Summers by Eve Campbell (ePUB)

five summers, eve campbell

Five Summers (Broken Oasis #1) by Eve Campbell – Free eBooks Download


His heart may be cold, but when it comes to her, he would set the world ablaze…

The task was simple.
Finish school, get discovered, and then I’d have it all. The fame, the money, and the hordes of groupies.
That was until I noticed Poppy Reeves, the girl who lived two doors down. All these years, and I can’t believe I never saw her.
I never thought my black heart would feel something. Especially for a girl who constantly gets bullied for her looks.
Out of everyone, she is the only person who truly understands the real me.
But when I start feeling things I shouldn’t, I do what I always do – I run.
And now, because of her, I’ve never been the same.

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