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first score, lyssa lemire

First Score (Hot Shots #1) by Lyssa Lemire – Free eBooks Download


How to finally lose my v-card without catching feelings? Choose the one guy I could never fall for.

Blaze Walker: Notorious bad boy. Star of the hockey team. He spends more time in bed with sorority girls or passed out on frat house floors than he does in classrooms. Which is why he’s about to get kicked off the team unless he passes every one of his finals.
Me: Girl genius who started college so young that I’ve just turned eighteen my senior year. Which has made dating while in college, well, pretty much impossible.
Hence, the v-card.
Blaze and I both have something the other wants. If I tutor him, I can guarantee he’ll pass all his exams. And he has a personality so repugnant to me that with him I can have a totally un-emotional, no-strings-attached first time. Because there’s no way I could fall for someone like Blaze Walker.
Not even as my eyes begin to linger a little too long on his jagged muscles, and his on my thighs as we sit next to each other at the study table. Not even as the occasional brush of our hands elicits enough sparks to smell the smoke. Not even as our time studying together begins to peel back layers of the sexy-as-sin jock to reveal someone a lot more complicated than his reputation lets on …
Nope, there’s just no way.
Truly, a plan worthy of my genius. Nothing could go wrong.

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