First Blood by Eliot Grayson (ePUB)

first blood, eliot grayson

First Blood (Mismatched Mates #2.6) by Eliot Grayson – Free eBooks Download


Blood is a necessity, but love is a luxury they can’t afford…

Vampire enforcer Victor Schmidt doesn’t have time for distraction. His enhanced senses can track human blood in or out of a body, but it doesn’t usually smell like oranges, honey, and temptation. And it’s not usually coursing through the veins of a beautiful back-alley rentboy. That should make it easier, right? Pay, bite and be on his way.

While prostitution isn’t Laurie’s dream job, someone has to take care of his sister and her kids. But being a blood donor to a tall, dark and brooding vamp isn’t part of his career plan. Until he agrees…and it’s far more pleasurable than he could have imagined.

Nurturing isn’t in Victor’s wheelhouse, yet he finds himself tucking the all-too-tempting boy into bed. And feeling things he shouldn’t be. When Laurie’s attacked, it’s almost a relief: breaking necks is way more Victor’s style and he’s all-too-happy to kill. But Laurie being kidnapped wasn’t part of anyone’s plan.

Now Victor’s determined to save Laurie at any cost. Can he bring them both out alive, or will they die before they’ve even shared their first kiss?

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