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finn, toni kelly

Finn (The Syndicate #3) by Toni Kelly – Free eBooks Download


Growing up, I was never treated the same. I was labelled an outcast, weak and immature.
I’m none of those things. I’m controlled, calculating, dominant and dangerous.
I have a dark side just like them, one that likes to wreak havoc, one that enjoys the mess and chaos our lives bring. Nobody understands how hard I have to work to control that side of me.
The day I truly noticed her is a day that is burned into my memory. I knew in an instant that I’d claim her as mine, I just needed the right moment.
For three years I’d waited patiently for the right time, and then one night, my plans took a different turn, but this still works in my favour.
When our worlds collide, it places her in danger. I will relinquish the control I’ve worked so hard to maintain to protect her… to protect them.
I’m prepared to burn this world to the ground for her, but my princess doesn’t need saving, she’ll rise through the flames to watch the world burn as she stands at my side.

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