Finding Molly Parsons by Alyson Root (ePUB)

finding molly, alyson root

Finding Molly Parsons (Lost & Found #1) by Alyson Root – Free eBooks Download


Faith Parsons is finally 18 and eager to make her lesbian debut. But before stepping into this new chapter, she must escape the only world she’s ever known. Faith’s journey is not just a physical escape but a courageous leap into self-discovery, navigating uncharted territories with a heart full of hope. Guided by fate on a journey to find her long-lost Aunt Molly—the Parsons family’s sapphic secret—Faith is driven by a deep desire to break free from her toxic past and find a new familial embrace.
As Faith unravels a series of cryptic clues, she meets Carmen, a steamy self-made woman with a penchant for avoiding commitment, Mateo, her sequin-covered counterpart, whose life is a perpetual red-carpet event, and Enid Butcher, the cannabis-loving and self-appointed neighborhood watch. This motley crew navigate family, friendship, and love in this uproarious journey to find Molly Parsons.
Full of twists, turns, and spicy encounters, Faith’s story unfolds into a transformative adventure where chosen connections prove to be the enduring magic, and where love always finds a way.

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