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finding home, tonya ink

Finding Home (Lucifers Saints MC #1) by Tonya Ink – Free eBooks Download


My name is Bellamy Dianne Church-Petrov. A mouthful, I know. Growing up, I thought I knew where I came from and who my family was. I didn’t know my origins were a secret or that who we are and who I am was because of them. Nor did I know that lies and betrayal of the past were leading to deadly consequences.
My estranged father’s past has returned to claim its victim, which has my mother stepping out of the shadows. She’s sending me and my team in to clean up the mess from their past. Daddio is in for the shock of his life when he realizes that the girl he sent away is not the woman who returns. But that is a story for another time. Priorities people.
Ding…. Dong the Princess is coming home, b*tches.

As a typical bachelor, I wasn’t looking for love. I wasn’t interested in commitment. I had club girls for all my needs, cliche maybe, but that’s the life. I’m Xavier Taz” Highland, the VP of the Mother Chapter of Lucifer’s Saints MC. I was born and bred for MC life. Bikes, my brothers, my family, and my club, nothing can get better.
Or so I thought.
The moment my eyes locked onto the little tornado that had Prez’s son, the club’s Enforcer, on his knees, I knew life was about to get a lot more interesting because my little tornado was about to turn our world upside down and I’ll love every minute of it. With trouble knocking on our door. I will do whatever it takes to protect what’s mine because my club is mine, and so is she–my tornado.

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