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finding forever, lara wynter

Finding Forever (Band on the Run #2) by Lara Wynter – Free eBooks Download


With Willow back under Rudy’s control, Joss will have to use all his resources to get her back.
But, Willow has her own ideas on how to end the evil Rudy Gadsden.
Can Willow and Joss find a way to be together again?

They call me Willow, but it’s not my real name.
I still don’t know what my parents named me, or even if they’re still alive.
After finally finding love with the Lead singer of Chasing Forever, Jossen Reid, Rudy Gadsden has kidnapped me again, and this time his plans for me are downright evil.
If I have a chance to run, I’ll take it. If I can take down my captor, all the better.
They say true love can survive anything… Does that include surviving the plans of a mad-man?
Willow has been taken from me. I barely escaped with my life.
How can I focus on working with the band on our new album when I need to rescue Willow? I’m the only one who has a fighting chance of saving her from her tormentor.
I’ll keep fighting with everything in me to find her again. But, what if my everything isn’t enough?

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