Finding Ava by Lea Griffith (ePUB)

finding ava, lea griffith

Finding Ava (Lost & Found #1) by Lea Griffith – Free eBooks Download


She trusted him, and he broke her heart.
Ava Madigan put all her trust in Captain Jacobs two years ago, only to find out he was willing to turn her over to their enemies. She’s been on the run from the Chinese, the Russians, and even her own government ever since. Her luck has just run out.

He worshipped her, and she ran.
Captain loved Ava with all of his heart and soul. Then she ran, taking his heart with her. He’s ready to make amends, but first, he must find her before their enemies do. Time is of the essence.
Together they’ll discover if what was lost can now be found.

Coming together in a perilous game of hide and seek, Captain and Ava will find out whether the love they lost can be found again.

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