Finding Aria by Leelah Renn (ePUB)

finding aria, leelah renn

Finding Aria (Vox Tenor #3) by Leelah Renn – Free eBooks Download


Nothing can break my love for three men. Not even a wedding.

I was ready to give myself up to save my men, but I never got the chance. Nothing could have prepared me for this cruel, mind-shattering twist.
Held in the jungles of Mexico and pushed to my limits, it’s taking everything in me to survive this elaborate prison. Despite the abuse wearing me down, I draw on the love of my men to endure this punishing captivity—I won’t let it break me.
In a battle of wits and careful deception, I’m dragged deeper into a sinister plot of catastrophic proportions. Armed with this knowledge, I’m even more determined to escape. I don’t know if I can save myself, but I have to try; millions of lives are at stake.
Mateo, Einar, and Nikola have shown me the power of true love and it’s my turn to show them what I’m made of.
Embry doesn’t exist anymore and I’m going to prove it. I’m finally finding Aria.

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