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I’m nervous about my job interview in the big city. I need to blow off some steam. When a mysterious older man helps me out of a jam, he turns out to be the perfect candidate to help me work off some of that anxiety. We have one magical night together. Even better? My interview the next day goes so well that I’m hired on the spot. Here’s where everything falls apart: The restaurant changes hands suddenly, and I don’t know who I’ll be working for anymore. When I meet my egotistical new boss, I”m mortified. I’d recognize that face anywhere…and those hands that hands that did filthy things to me all night long.

I keep to myself, but I can’t help but assist a damsel in distress. Journey is on an entirely different level, and the minute I spot her, I’m obsessed. One incredible night is not enough. I’ll do anything to be with her again, even if it means buying up every restaurant she applies to as a sous chef. Am I a human resources nightmare? Obviously. Do I care? Not in the slightest. She may not appreciate my tactics at work, but she sure did like the way I bossed her around the other night. We can have that again. We can have that every night. Journey is mine, and the sooner she realizes that, the better.

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