Fighting the Lure by Katherine McIntyre (ePUB)

fighting lure, katherine mcintyre

Fighting the Lure (Fighting for Love) by Katherine McIntyre – Free eBooks Download


Amelia is the last person Sam should fall for—her brand new client at the gym, a decade younger than her, and her sister’s best friend…

Amelia’s starting over. After finding her girlfriend getting hot and heavy with her MMA trainer, she moves into the city to lick her wounds in peace. However, when she steps into what she hopes will be her new gym, her trainer is none other than Sam. Her first crush, her lesbian awakening, and someone she hasn’t seen in ten years—when Sam just up and vanished.
After Sam came out, her family’s rejection broke her. She swore to leave that past behind, but it finds her anyway when her little sister’s best friend shows up at the gym where she works. Ames grew up hot as sin, and her scorching glances only mean trouble. However, Sam’s a professional. She can keep her desires under control. She has to keep them under control. Because if she lets the past back in, it’ll destroy the life she’s built for herself here.
Ames isn’t just hot—she’s pure sunshine that Sam can’t help but crave until they’re both in a chokehold that neither of them wants to escape. However, moments are all they can claim because when Sam’s sister finds out, Ames will need to choose…and the odds are never in Sam’s favor.

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