Feral Instincts by Genevieve Jack (ePUB)

feral instincts, genevieve jack

Feral Instincts (The Wolves of Fireborn Pack #2) by Genevieve Jack – Free eBooks Download


A wolf denied can turn feral.

Of all the Fireborn pack royalty, werewolf Jason Flynn is the most virile, his raging appetite for the opposite sex well known among his pack mates. What they don’t know is that his behavior is a salve for the wound he endured when his potential fated mate was murdered by a rogue pack member. When his playboy lifestyle becomes a risk to the pack, Jason resolves to change his ways—until a curse by an ex-lover sends his libido into overdrive.
Selene Andrews is an acolyte to Preotka Artemis, Fireborn pack’s high priestess. Adopted as a homeless teen, she only desires to serve the pack as Artemis’s successor. To advance, she must prove her mastery of the ritual magic required of a werewolf priestess. Opportunity strikes in the form of unnervingly charming and seductive Jason.
When Selene is assigned to help Jason break his curse, neither of them understands the danger. Jason’s beast is feral with instinctive hungers that threaten to consume celibate acolyte Selene. Curing him means working through Jason’s tortured past. Only together can they truly heal, but can anything mend a broken vow?

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