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Feral (Altered Shifters Universe #4) by M.F. Moody – Free eBooks Download


What happens when your own kind betrays you?

Isobel is a mess. Abandoned by her fated mate the moment she needed him most, she struggles to make it through each day. It’s only her own stubbornness and determination to provide the best for her unborn child that motivates her to keep going.
Finally set free from Vieux Sang,Simon has lost all sense of his humanity and has retreated deep inside to attempt to heal. Now in the driver’s seat, his Altered lion Tálstrom heads to the only safe place he can think of. But what he never expected to find was a second chance at love and happiness.
Despite outward appearances, Quin has been a prisoner his entire life. Now the house of cards he’s been locked inside is tumbling down around him, and there’s only one place left to go—home to the fated mate he left behind.
On a collision course with those who would see them captive once more, can the three of them find their happily-ever-after…and redemption?

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