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fenrir's fate, lisa oliver

Fenrir’s Fate (The Gods Made Me Do It #14) by Lisa Oliver – Free eBooks Download


Fenrir, ancient Norse god of wolf shifters, has had more centuries than he could count to become set in his ways. Can a cute little cat shifter from Vegas make him want to change them?

“Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no. I think I might have just punched my mate in his furry face. I’m so sorry.”
Dorian was on a great adventure in Montana when his campervan runs out of gas, and he finds himself stranded in the middle of nowhere. He didn’t expect to find a wolf, he didn’t anticipate hitting said wolf who had startled the living daylights out of him, and he definitely wasn’t prepared for when that same wolf just disappeared.

“It can’t be true. It just can’t be true.”
Fenrir was the first to admit he was set in his ways. It’s what made him dependable, reliable, and comfortable. He saw no need to change his ways, even after his pack deserted him. Coming across a cat shifter was a mild excitement in his day, but that didn’t mean he had to claim the man.

The Fates work in mysterious ways, but not even they were prepared for how stubborn Fenrir could be. It could take the efforts of Loki and Anubis, plus a spot of advice from Claude and Poseidon, to get these two on the path of Fated Mate happiness.

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