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feels like home, ak morgan

Feels Like Home (Boston Sweethearts #1) by AK Morgan – Free eBooks Download


Daisy Adams prefers being alone. In fact, the idea of making friends is the furthest thing from her mind. There are only a few people who truly know her, and that’s all she needs. Until the new and outgoing boss at Moore Enterprises changes everything she thought she once knew.
When he strikes up the opportunity to be friends, Daisy’s world tilts on its axis. What was once a life of solitude and isolation, becomes something bigger than what she’s prepared for. It’ll take every ounce of courage she has, to open herself up to somebody new.
Will she let him in? Or will her rigid ways prevent her from a new lease on life?
Starting over from a failed engagement, Tanner Moore moves back to Boston and takes over his father’s company, Moore Enterprises. He is tasked with laying off employees to prevent the company from losing more money, but when the caramel skinned, brown-eyed girl threatens to quit, his curiosity gets the best of him.
Desperate to be near her, he propositions her to a friendship she can’t refuse. Although he isn’t ready to fall in love again, he quickly realizes she is the missing piece he’s been looking for.

Can they overcome the obstacles getting in the way of their happily ever after? Or will it be their demise?

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