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fear me love me, lilith vincent

Fear Me, Love Me by Lilith Vincent – Free eBooks Download


Tyrant Mercer doesn’t grant wishes. He collects debts, and he’s here to claim me.

All I wanted was my baby brother back from the man who stole him away. My family is in Tyrant’s debt, a man they hate, and they disown me when the devil’s eyes stray to me. Now there’s nothing and no one to protect me from the cruel man who runs this city from the shadows.
But Tyrant’s not going to drag me away by my hair just yet. He’s going to torment me first.
Tyrant demands that I play his twisted games. He thinks I’ll crumble for his amusement, but I’m carrying a secret that’s bigger than both of us. A secret that’s now in the hands of the worst man possible.
All he craves is me. All he demands is everything. Tyrant will give me everything I’ve ever wanted—all I have to say is I wish…
But a wish is a curse when it’s granted by the devil himself.

Author’s note: Fear Me, Love Me is a standalone MF romance with dark themes, forced breeding, somnophilia, an age gap, a jealous and possessive alphahole, and a sweet but strong virgin heroine. The story is dirty and delicious, so please read at your discretion. Please be aware that this book contains depictions of cutting and self-harm.

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