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favored prince, abby knox

Rebel Fighter (Rockport Security #1) by Embry Fox – Free eBooks Download


As the eldest son and next in line to the throne of Gravenland, my father expects to marry well. But no one in my tiny island kingdom has been able to win the my affections. After one catastrophic royal engagement embarrasses the king, all of us Haart siblings are sequestered in the palace and told in no uncertain terms that it’s time to settle down. Find a spouse and start producing heirs, or the palace will no longer finance our clothes, food, travel, or lavish lifestyles.
Always the hardest working and most obedient royal, nobody excepts me to rebel and secretly flee to America to find a match. I’ve lived under the watchful eye of palace security and chaperones my entire life, though, and now I’m going to do things on my own terms.
The woman of my dreams, the one who makes me fall flat on my face and worship the ground she walks on … she’s another story entirely. She’s got a mind of her own and unfamiliar with what it takes to marry a prince. On the surface, Hailey is the opposite of me in every way, and yet underneath, she is my one and only queen.

Do I believe in true love? Sure. Fate? Absolutely. Whirlwind romances? Swoon!
But those things are not for me, Hailey Wild, a 29-year-old single tollbooth worker on the West Virginia turnpike.
Or so I assume…
Until one day, destiny lines up with a crossword puzzle clue, and I come face to face with a lost driver wearing a laughable disguise.
On the one hand, spending time with a handsome stranger seems pretty damn dreamy. On the other hand, this is all pretty dangerous and stupid.
But I have a secret of my own: I know who he is.
With nothing else on my agenda, I step into the fairy tale. Just for one day.
What can it hurt?
We all know what happens next. That fairy tale becomes too real. Suddenly, the stranger is making me an unbelievable offer: one that will change my quiet life forever.
It’s going to take more than a handsome prince and the promise of titles, riches, and fame to convince me that Torben is the man for me.
Alright, fine–his great big d*ck can’t hurt.

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