Fated to the Alien Warrior by Erin Hale (ePUB)

fated alien warrior, erin hale

Fated to the Alien Warrior (Warriors of Tavikh #1) by Erin Hale – Free eBooks Download


Life has sure kicked me in the teeth. After I’m arrested for stealing, I’m given two choices: prison or get shipped to the human settlement on the planet Tavikh. Since orange isn’t my color, I guess off-planet it is.
Except when our ship lands we’re attacked by vicious aliens no one warned us about. I’m suddenly rethinking my decision. Just as I swear I’m about to die, a towering alien with long, flowing golden hair and muscles rippling beneath gorgeous purple skin saves me.
When the battle is over and the good guys seem to have won, my savior tells me I’m his fated mate.
I hate to break it to him, but I don’t believe in fate.

As shefir of the Tavikhi, it’s my duty to lead our tribe and fight against the Krijese. When word comes that another Terran ship has arrived, we rush to defend them against our brutal enemies.
I’m unprepared, though, for my mating marks to burn and brighten in color when I rescue one of the human females. Is it truly possible that the goddess, Deeka, has chosen her as my keeshla—my fated mate?
Despite her continued denial of the mate bond, the attraction between us flares hotter than our sun. I must do everything to convince her that we are fated to be together. Even seduce her.

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