Fated to the Alien Grump by Erin Hale (ePUB)

fated alien grump, erin hale

Fated to the Alien Grump (Warriors of Tavikh #3) by Erin Hale – Free eBooks Download


With the protection of a brand new identity, I flee Earth on a ship bound for a planet light years away from the death that awaits me if I remain here.
Months later, life on Tavikh is good. As long as I avoid the attention of the massive Tavikhi warriors—the alien race native to this planet. Two of my best friends may have found their mates amongst them, but the men—males—terrify me. Especially the largest, grumpiest warrior in the village.

From the moment the humans arrived on Tavikh, we have done our best to protect them from our enemies. And yet, all they do is take advantage of our shefir’s kindness. The new shefira and her four closest tribe sisters are the only exception.
They bring hope to our people. Or to those wishing for a mate. Which does not include me. At least not until I accidentally collide with the smallest, always-frightened female who triggers my mating marks. Now I must prove to her that, with me, she has nothing to fear.

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