Fated Enemies by Briana Alisandra (ePUB)

fated enemies, briana alisandra

Fated Enemies (Bloodmoon #6) by Briana Alisandra – Free eBooks Download


As the next alpha of the Bloodmoon Pack, my life should be perfect. I owned a bar, I had great friends and family, and an amazing ancient sexy vampire boyfriend standing beside me. If it weren’t for my disapproving mother and my disapproving pack, I’d say my life was too perfect for someone who lived in Salem Point.
The best part of my life was also the biggest problem I faced. I was in love with Kane Cassius, born vampire and now the head of the Cassius empire. I knew my pack was never going to accept a vampire at my side. It was a good thing I didn’t care what my pack thought.
Unfortunately, that was a big lie. I cared. A lot.
My problem ends up being minuscule when me and my sister are kidnapped by an enemy pack. The next alpha of the Midnight Pack, Zander Chase, wants me to be his mate. I don’t want anything to do with him. I never wanted to find my mate, let alone be forced to be the mate of some pompous jerk.
But, fate is a bitch. When in captivity, I meet my true mate, and he happens to be the brother of Zander Chase.

This is a continuation of the Bloodmoon Series, but it shifts to Hayden being the main character.

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